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You may have heard about reusable menstrual pads, but do not know exactly what they mean. In this article, you can find out why many women prefer them and why they might just become your favorite period care product.

What are reusable menstrual pads

A reusable menstrual pad is a feminine hygiene product that can be worn during menstruation to retain blood and can be used more than once. Our pads are made from hemp and organic cotton and include several layers of fabric for extra protection, plus an extra outer layer (TPU) that is waterproof and repeats application resistant. Because they can be washed and reused, these reusable menstrual pads are a more environmentally friendly option than disposable pads, which have to be thrown away after use. Many women also find them more comfortable and convenient than disposable pads.

Advantages of reusable menstrual pads

By using reusable menstrual pads you have several advantages, including:

  • comfortable
  • use up to 5 years
  • made of the highest quality materials: hemp and organic cotton
  • skin breathes permanently; no moisture build-up
  • no unpleasant odors or plastic rustling
  • designed for maximum protection
  • Easy to use/wash
  • eco-friendly
  • economical
  • chemical-free

 Why reusable menstrual pads are eco-friendly

Choosing reusable menstrual pads can make a significant personal contribution to protecting the planet, given that from the first period to menopause, a woman goes through the menstrual period around 450 times (which is more than 10.000 pads per woman).
If we take into consideration that disposable pads are made of 90% plastic, we can imagine what is the impact of these disposable pads on our environment.
On the other hand, our reusable menstrual pads are made from certified fabrics, using hemp, and organic cotton.

Available pad sizes

When it comes to their size, our reusable menstrual pads are available in 3 different sizes, S, M, and L. Depending on the flow, you can choose the right size for days of varying abundance - L and M for heavy and moderate flows respectively, while S size is better for light menstrual days or for daily discharge and incontinence.

Use and care

The reusable menstrual pad should be washed before first use to activate the absorption of the materials. To apply the reusable menstrual pad, start by washing your hands. Then apply the pad to the panty area and secure the wings around the underwear with the staples. Once the pad is in place, you can go about your day without fear of stains.

Avoid touching the absorbent material with your hands during use, as this can cause bacteria to grow.

When it’s time to remove your absorbent pad, wash your hands again and undo the staples. Then remove the absorbent pad. Rinse the pad with cold water until all the menstrual fluid comes out, then wash it in hot or cold water, by hand or machine, but not at more than 60 degrees, as you can otherwise destroy the waterproof layer. Let it air dry before using it again. Don’t use disinfectant detergents, conditioner, or bleach, and don’t iron.

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