About our yoga bolsters

Making our bolsters is based on the use of natural materials, where hemp, organic cotton and recycled materials play a key role. The bolster case can be made from pure hemp, from a mixture of hemp and organic cotton, from a mixture of hemp and some recycled material (e.g. polyester), or from any mixture where hemp is the main ingredient.

When it comes to filling , for our bolsters we use a filling that is 100% natural, made of spelt husks and recycled raw wool. The availability of stuffing will depend on when you order the bolster because we try to follow the established harvesting processes (eg for spelt husks), or when the sheep are sheared.

Due to its lower weight (half the weight, compared to buckwheat husks), as well as the specific smell (mild hay smell) and unique experience when using a bolster, we recommend filling with spelt husks, although raw wool is also a great option .

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