About our cushions

Making our cushions is based on the use of natural materials, where hemp, organic cotton and recycled materials play a key role. Cushions can be made from pure hemp, from a mixture of hemp and organic cotton, from a mixture of hemp and some recycled material (e.g. polyester), or from any mixture where hemp is the main ingredient.

When it comes to cushion's filling, for our cushions we use a filling that is 100% natural - buckwheat and spelt husks. The availability of stuffing will depend on when you order the cushion, because we try to follow the established harvesting processes.

Because of its smaller mass (half the weight, compared to buckwheat flakes), as well as due to the specific smell (mild smell of hay) and the unique experience when sitting on a cushion, we recommend filling with spelt husks. You won't regret.

Flavored filling is achieved by adding various dried herbs. This will allow you to relax more easily and enjoy the moments of meditation, as well as breathing exercises.

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