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Zanatula handcrafts

Hemp & organic cotton lightweight women's t-shirt

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Discover the softness of cotton combined with the natural feel of hemp. This fabric takes the best of both worlds. Hemp has been proven to be the fabric with the lowest ecological footprint. The most durable natural fiber, luxuriously soft; it becomes softer and more comfortable over time. Thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, hemp is excellent for people with sensitive skin and allergies. T-shirts are sophisticated, modern, relaxed and:

  • 100% natural, lightweight jersey
  • We offer them in three different sizes (S, M and L)
  • T-shirt dimensions are in centimeters. The width is measured at the height of the chest, while the length is measured from the top of the collar to the bottom hem of the front of the shirt
  • Skin-friendly, especially suitable for summer

Quality is part of nature

Our materials are a reflection of consciousness, applied in the cultivation of hemp and cotton without pesticides, as well as in the production of textiles to the highest standards.

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