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Pure organic cotton lightweight jersey fabric (ZL1080-1)

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Organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals, leaving the soil, air and water free of pollutants that cause damage. Organic cotton produces about 46% less carbon compared to conventional cotton. It also uses much less water for cultivation because organic cotton growers usually use rain much more than irrigation. Made from 100% organic fibers, our cotton has a soothing and pleasing effect on the skin and the planet. 

  • Code: ZL1080-1
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Width: 142 cm
  • Weight: 135 g
  • The price is per meter
Овај производ тренутно нема попуста на количину

Quality is part of the nature

Our materials are a reflection of consciousness, applied in the cultivation of hemp and cotton without pesticides, as well as in the production of textiles to the highest standards.

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